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Alliance CPA Group offers small businesses the financial expertise of a qualified CFO at an affordable rate. Our objective is to help your business grow by focusing on your financial framework and exploring various opportunities that will improve your business’ bottom line.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report that nearly 60% of small businesses fail. To the surprise of many, none of the primary reasons for corporate failure are related to products, services, or sales. Some of the most common shortfalls for entrepreneurs and small business owners are their lack of general financial expertise, poor inventory management, insufficient capital, and misuse of business funds.

Virtually every small business shares one thing in common: the desire to improve profitability and increase the overall efficiency of the business. Often times, small business owners focus on marketing, products or services they offer, and staffing as primary objectives to grow their business. However, they often lack the focus on developing their internal financial frame work and cash flow management. This lack of financial expertise can keep businesses from reaching their goals and set them up for future failure.

Alliance CFO Services can assist small business owners in managing their financial frame work and provide insight into the business to help improve the overall profitability. Using the Alliance CFO Service is an affordable and efficient way to gain high-level financial expertise, as well as drive- desired profitability, growth and business value.

Advantages of Alliance CFO Services
The Benefits of using Alliance’s Outsourced CFO Services include but are not limited to:

Development of corporate financial strategy and planning
This includes growth strategy, performance and profitability strategy, corporate governance, acquisitions and divestitures, and overall financial, tax and risk management strategies. This is where Alliance CFO Services can provide consistent value to small businesses by delivering financial consulting on costs, profits, and other high-level strategic financial analysis and guidance.

Assistance with financial operations design, deployment and management
This includes executive management reporting, accounting system design and implementation, internal controls review and application, cash flow assumptions, budgeting, capital requests, and debt management.

Access to various additional resources 
In addition to receiving a CFO to manage your financial operations, you will also have the opportunity to benefit from our extensive network of accounting and finance professionals as well as third party consultants in the areas such as Banking Relations, Human Resources, Marketing, Tax Specialist and more.

Alliance CFO Services Onboarding Process

We pride ourselves in making the CFO implementation as seamless as possible. As depicted above, the CFO transition typically entails a three-phase process (may vary by the company):

Phase 1: Observation: During the observation phase, we will obtain an in-depth understanding of your  business’ current accounting policies and  procedures as well as obtain an understanding of the overall business model.  During this phase we listen to business owners to assess the challenges they are facing and begin to determine potential areas for improvement.

Phase2: Integration: During the integration phase, we acclimate ourselves within your business as one of the key financial advisors. We work hand- in- hand with business owners to solve any current financial issues. We also begin implementing new internal controls to mitigate any business risks moving forward.

Phase 3: Transformation: During the transformation phase, we begin focusing on areas for potential growth within the business. We take a deeper look at the company’s revenue stream as well as historical financial data to identify potential areas for improvement to increase the organization’s bottom line. In addition, we ensure that any newly implemented internal controls are performing as intended.

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