Tax Planning and Compliance

Tax planning and compliance is one of the most important elements of effective business management. With significant changes in our tax laws occurring on a regular basis, tax planning is essential to making successful business and investment decisions. Managing the corporate tax department function can be a difficult task given the multiple reporting requirements for federal and state tax compliance and SEC reporting. 

Effective tax planning is an important aspect of your overall financial goals. Alliance can help your company comply with regulations and reduce your tax burden.  We have extensive expertise in providing federal, multi-state, and international tax compliance services to our clients. Our team will evaluate your financial situation, as well as your goals, to provide you with the optimal outcome and help you meet your financial objectives. Our tax practice is comprised of a complete range of tax planning, compliance and consulting services. Our services also include state and local taxes, international taxation, sales and use tax, and property tax.
Alliance offers the following Tax Planning & Compliance services:

Federal, State & International Tax Compliance:
        -   Preparation and review of federal corporate and partnership tax returns
        -   Assistance with disclosure requirements
        -   U.S. informational reporting for foreign business entities
        -   Foreign tax credits
        -   Assistance with calculating federal and state estimated tax payments and extensions
        -   Preparation of state and local tax returns
        -   Resolution of state and local issues such as nexus, combined/separate reporting, and apportionment of income
        -   Tax controversy and audit support
ASC 740 (formerly FAS 109)
Proper and timely preparation of a company’s quarterly and annual income tax provision calculation as well as proper presentation and footnote disclosure requires tax personnel with strong technical skills in tax and financial areas.  Our professionals have extensive experience in ASC 740 compliance. By taking the challenges of accounting for income taxes off of your hands, we will help you make the process as painless and efficient as possible and let you focus on more strategic aspects of your business.
FIN 48 Analysis
Accounting Standards Codification 740-10, (previously known as FIN 48) became effective in 2007 for publicly traded entities, and is now effective for all entities adhering to U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). FIN 48 requires companies to determine and note whether or not they have uncertain tax positions (UTPs).  If an organization has adopted a tax position that would not hold up under examination, then the organization may have a substantial tax liability. The areas that are often affected by FIN 48 provisions are State Taxes (nexus issues), Foreign Taxes, Net Operating Losses, and Exemptions.

Alliance can help your organization meet its FIN 48 requirements. We will assist you with respect to all aspects of your compliance with FIN 48 provisions. Our team can work with you to identify the uncertain tax position and develop an effective action plan.
International Tax Planning & Consulting
Companies participating in foreign operations and investments must keep up with constant tax, legislative and regulatory developments in different jurisdictions. Without careful planning and efficient overall tax strategy your company can be put at real disadvantage on a global market as many countries have effective tax rates higher than the U.S. tax rate. Effective International tax planning can lead to significant reductions in your tax burden and ultimately help your company remain competitive and achieve operational goals. 
We can assist you with both “outbound” and “inbound” international tax planning and U.S. income tax issues associated with foreign transactions.
Section 382 Analysis
Section 382 of the Internal Revenue Code severely restricts the ability of a company to utilize net operating loss and certain credit carry forwards in the event of company's ownership change (greater than 50% ownership shift involving 5-percent shareholders or a shift in equity structure). The rules of Section 382 are very complex and include numerous exceptions.
We can assist you with Section 382 analysis and help you identify available tax benefits in the event of your company's potential or past ownership change.
Foreign Tax Credit Planning & Consulting
Our professionals understand the legislative and accounting issues related to taxes paid or accrued to foreign countries. We can help your company minimize the likelihood of double taxation and assist you with calculation of foreign tax credit. Ultimately, effective foreign tax credit planning can help you more efficiently utilize foreign tax credits on your U.S. corporate tax return.
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