Start-up Services

Starting a business can be a difficult undertaking, but receiving the proper guidance throughout the process is critical to the overall success of a new enterprise. At Alliance, we partner with new business owners and provide step- by- step guidance throughout the formation of the business. As your trusted advisor, we address all the variables that could impact the business in the formative stage. We assist our clients in determining factors such as which entity formation best suits the business and owner’s needs, which accounting system to implement, financing options, an overall profitability forecast, and more.

We begin working with emerging businesses from their inception in order to assure a strong head-start. Our professionals are here to thoroughly explain options and to help business owners evaluate the implications of their potential decisions. We discuss the benefits and risks of all major decisions with our clients, from establishing price points for their products and services to forecasting their future expenses. Ultimately, we equip our clients with the necessary information to ensure that their businesses begin and continue to grow.
We can assist in areas that include:
·         Entity formation
·         Outsourced accounting services
·         Quarterly and annual compliance reporting
·         Payroll, sales tax, and property tax preparation
·         Cash flow management
·         Forecast modeling
·         Tax planning and preparation
·         Internal control analysis
·         Accounting staff training
·         Design and implementation of client-managed accounting systems

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